Top Interior Designer in Gurgaon, Best interior Designer in Delhi NCR

Top Interior Designer in Gurgaon, Best interior Designer in Delhi NCR
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Homes are forever- Choose interior designer wisely !!

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Why would you pay a designer his/her consultation charges?

The most relevant and usual question every interior designer’s client has in mind, Is the reason to hire a designer and pay his/her consultation charges. When there is an easy availability of contractors and carpenters who can deliver the same work at maybe half or a bit more than half the cost.

I personally love and really respect such clients. For one reason, they understand the value of money. They are wise enough to browse the internet along with noticing the architecture and interior designs of different houses while travelling or through print magazines available at bookstores. And they are not wrong in asking me about why they would pay me?

My answer to this is very simple. When I work it is not a contractor’s job I fulfil. My work is vast and much more professional. My work begins the moment I visit the site (office or home).My years of experience helps me focus and understand the changes needed at the site. I begin visualising the place after the changes I feel need to be made. And work follows on from there.

Each client has a different need and a different budget. A regular contractor or carpenter cannot always stick to the budget you want. But, my experience in the field has taught me to avoid things which the former wouldn’t do.

While working, it is not just the design I work on, it is a full assignment. An assignment that includes the analysing height of the ceiling, door and window location in the room, room dimensions suitable colours for the walls which will enhance the look of the room and match the taste of my client.

Along with this, my work does not end here. I believe in providing my client with a personalised service wherein my team and I hold meetings with the client to understand their need and their ideas. These meetings are really important part of my work as they help us get a better understanding of the effort needed at the site. For example; I had a client whose daughter wanted a lot of seating when her friends visited her, so I suggested her marble seating attached to the room’s corner which will look elegant and make the room look spacious. The idea was a quick grasp by her.

We do not recommend bulky and unnecessary furniture

 I ask my clients to prepare a list of items needed which includes “must have” and “can have” items. This is where my work begins from initially.

Thereafter, I help the client with what item will look good where, which portion of the house needs to be highlighted for a beautiful interior, how we can enhance furniture and other items with the help of lights and accessories. I feel great choice help in giving an idea but only an experienced interior designer can help execute them. It is same as knowing the medicine yet visiting a doctor.

My work is very similar to that. Like a doctor observes, understands, questions and examines us before prescribing the correct medicine, I too do the same. Self-medication does not help for long.

We have had clients who disagreed for interiors of some portions in their houses, only to return satisfied after a month and asking us to complete the left out portions.

I personally feel hiring an expert is important as it saves both money and time. A task once handed over to them is their headache. All you need is a glass of mojito and relax. The interior will take care of the quality and labour handling, which is the biggest challenge while getting interiors done.

We all are aware that homes are the biggest investment as they are an important and integral part of our lives. They, thus, deserve the best of abilities to handle them. A beautiful home is every woman’s dreams which only a professional can fulfil.

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