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Exotic Flower and Candle Decoration for Karwa Chauth 2017

Karwa Chauth 2017

Exotic Flower and Candle Decoration for Karwa Chauth: As Per Fragrance and Colour

Being one of the most awaited festivals of the year, Karwa Chauth has its own craze among Indian women. Shopping for Karwa Chauth decor and other Karwa Chauth specials keep the markets busy all around. To bless their husbands with long and healthy life, Indian women keep full-day fasts and hence try to blend the house in Karwa Chauth’s flair that poses love and affection towards the spouse. To make this festive mood more exciting and welcoming, Mads Creations is here with some amazing suggestions for Karwa Chauth decor through which you can decorate your house as per fragrance and colour suitable for this one-of-its-kind festival.

floral pillows love

Floral Pillows

Give a new vibe to your bedroom by putting up floral pillows. Roses and lilies are perfect to set up the romantic mood and are available everywhere in many colours as well. Choose the colour of flowers that perfectly contrast with your room’s wall and specially chosen bedcover for Karwa Chauth.

 Keep it Red, but don’t forget the White!



Red is the colour of this festival, so don’t let yourself wrong by choosing everything red.  Try to make a theme with a combination colour. Matching red with white can do wonders for Karwa Chauth decor. Keep yellow, orange, violet, and green colours in mind as well while doing your Karwa Chauth special decoration. These colours will enhance the look and feel of Karwa Chauth.

Exotic Flowers

exotic flower for karwa chauth

Exotic flowers and plants add extra special touch to the festive decorations. Lotus being the national flower in India is one of the pleasant-looking exotic flowers on this planet,  which is available in varied colours as well,  especially in India. It is also a sacred flower in Hindu religion and career of good luck as well. So,  try to involve some lotus in your Karwa Chauth decor to bring good fortune in your married life as well.  Violet is in trend these days. This colour is royal itself and brings a dramatic look to the surroundings. You can go for exotic Violet Orchids and combine them with very beautiful Blue Orchids for a perfect blend. A stick of orange exotic flower called bird flower or the Bird of Paradise will make the decoration complete. Orange is also a festive and sacred colour in India.White exotic flowers bring the positivity and peace in the house. You can decorate your home with white exotic flowers like Calla Lilly, Lily of the Valley and Gardenias. For a blending touch try out Peach exotic flowers namely Dutch Amaryllis and Tulips.

Keep the Fragrance Natural

Just skip those musky, masculine, spicy and oriental aromas of fragrance products. Bring the natural aroma of flowers to your home this Karwa Chauth. It has been observed that Indian men generally like a fragrance of natural flowers rather than artificial fragrances. Try out rose, jasmine, lavender, rosemary, tuberose, or any other local flower or herbs with good fragrance. It will definitely ooze up your home. You can decorate your doors and walls with flower wreaths or floral garlands, or make a good use of unused or empty vases this year by filling them up with beauty of nature.


Candles and Lamps

Light up your house with red, white, and golden candles and lamps as the dusk begins. You can find beautiful floating candles in a market these days. Or decorate the candles by your own with natural flowers for an amazing look. You can spread colourful stones or marbles around candles and lamps. Keep the candles in simple or beautifully crafted glass decor or crockery from your kitchen. Make beautiful bows with freshly plucked long leaves to avoid any safety issues.



We hope these tricks will boost up the romantic flair in your Karwa Chauth decor. Do visit again to read the article on how you can bring love and prosperity in your married life with some simple and quick decor updates.

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