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DIY Ideas – How To Design A Room Like An Interior Designer?

DIY Ideas - How to design a room like an interior designer

Everyone wants a home that looks and feels as though an interior designer has swished his / her magic wand around it. But, for various reasons, you may not want to hire an interior designer to do up your space, yet you want the same perfectly crafted environment that exudes style, calmness and harmony. Do not lose heart. There is enough help coming your way if you want to design a room like an interior designer. Not only will it give you creative satisfaction, it can also help you personalise your space and add a unique character with DIY ideas.

Meenu Agarwal, Founder and Principal Designer of MADS Creations, one of the leading interior design firms in Gurgaon, has some insights to offer. 

1. Create an Attractive Layout

Create an Attractive Layout

Measure the space available for seating, the length of the walls, etc and plan out a layout on paper. This way you will understand what should be the size and shape of your seating arrangement including sofas, armchairs, ottomans, side tables, etc. It all depends on the shape of the space. If the room is longish, you may want to break it with two clusters of seating, and if it is squarish, you may plan it around a coffee table. The layout will also help you gauge how much space allowance you need to make for comfortable movement. You should also think about how you can shuffle the pieces periodically to transform the look of the room. This allows you to create a totally different environment.

2. Determine a Focal Point

Determine a Focal Point

Think about what should be the focal point of the room. Whether it is the furniture pieces, the wall décor, the treasured artefacts you own, or the floor covering…. and then weave the overall design around it. You might want to hero the luxury furniture piece that you own, or you may think the accent light should be the highlight of the room. Or you may want to let the artwork on your wall do all the talking. Create a design story around whatever feature you find interesting. This will inject a sense of character into your space, while also holding the entire room together.

3. Let the Sunlight do its Magic

Let the Sunlight do its Magic

Any good interior designer would tell you how important it is to design any space keeping the availability of natural light in mind. Nothing brings the kind of energy and positive vibes into the interiors like natural elements do. Plan the arrangement of your furniture pieces in such a way that they do not block the flow of natural light into the room. Watch the play of light through the day and maximise its impact by strategically placing mirrors, crystal objects, glass décor pieces, potted plants, etc.

4. Personalise the Decor

Personalise the Decor

Designers pay attention to your personality and bring hints of it into the room to make it a reflection of you. Your room décor should speak for you, or it would appear like just an impersonal space. Whether through the selection of colours, textiles, prints, or the way you curate décor accessories, there are many ways to leave your imprint on the space. Draw inspiration from your hobbies, your travels, your love for plants, and make a visual expression of it. Display your musical instruments, your travel photographs, sports memorabilia, posters of your favourite movies, portraits of your icons… the ideas are innumerable. If you’re proficient in any art or craft, you can create something for your room using DIY ideas.

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5. Treat the Walls

Treat the Walls

One sure-fire way to give the interiors the designer touch is the way you treat the walls. Whether you choose to simply paint it in a bright or neutral colour, or want to layer it with wallpaper and other panelings, is totally up to the theme you want for the room and the budget you have in mind. If the wall is already finished well with paint, you can simply hang some artworks or create a gallery wall using photographs or a collection of artworks, decals, frames, jharokas, mirrors, and more. You can go for an eclectic mix to evoke a visually interesting look. You can also get creative and try out some DIY ideas to decorate your walls, like painting ornate frames in a blend of happy colours, or creating a mosaic of artistic tiles to be put up on display. You could also weave rattan platters of various styles and sizes to add an artisanal appeal to the walls.

6. Floor Coverings

Floor Coverings

The flooring is not something you can change often. However, certain wooden and engineered wood flooring can be applied over the existing one to easily transform the room. Or you can refurbish the existing flooring by cleaning and polishing it. In some cases, just the addition of area rugs can be enough to change the look. Make sure the rug is of the right size to evoke a truly luxurious feel. Ideally, the front foot of your sofa and armchairs should be on the rug.

7. Try DIY Design

Try DIY Design

When you create something for a space with your own imagination and creativity using your hands, it imparts a unique aesthetic to it. Specially, when you are designing a room on your own, DIY ideas can be easily implemented. For example, you can paint a wall to mimic the look of wallpaper ­ – tropical foliage, bamboo plantation, sea animals are easy to attempt. You can update an old cabinet with a trendy colour or give it a distressed finish to add a touch of vintage allure to your space. Giant origami figurines that can be hung from the ceiling are also fun. Buy a few cane baskets of diverse styles and bunch them up into pendant light shades. Look up online for more ideas that excite you.

8. Flattering Artificial Lights

Flattering Artificial Lights

These can be great décor objects in their own right. So select the various lights your want to incorporate into the room carefully. A chandelier or pendant light, floor lamp, wall lights and table lamps and also candles – these are some of the options. Depending on the space available, you can curate a few lights that can be used to create a beautiful ambience.

With these insights, we are sure you can successfully design your room like a pro.

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