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10 Unmissable Interior Design Tips to Transform your House into a Dream Home

10 Interior Design Tips for your home

A beautiful home that makes coming back to it an eagerly anticipated experience is something everyone aspires for. A house becomes a home when it is an extension of your personality and lifestyle, both aesthetically and functionally, making you feel completely at ease and peace. And a bit of pride in its charm and luxury goes a long way in making it irresistible.

Transforming your home into a haven of joy, positivity and warmth may seem like a mammoth process as you need to consider several factors and be able to visualize what exactly you want. However, there are many interior design tips that can make this complicated task easy. You just need to find the right fit for your style preferences and practical living, because without comfort, beauty has no meaning.

Here we bring a few unmissable tips from Meenu Agarwal, Founder-Principal Designer of MADS Creations, one of the best interior designers in Gurgaon.

1. Start with Mood Boards

The first step to creating a harmoniously designed home is to define your aesthetic vision for your home. So put down all your requirements on paper and then create mood boards for each area. Even established designers rely on mood boards to ascertain how diverse colours, textures and patterns work together. The list of requirements will allow you to gauge the scope of transformation you are looking for, the budget and timelines needed.

2. Befriend the Measuring Tape

Whether you are selecting textiles for your curtains, a rug for your bedroom or purchasing luxury furniture for your living room, the measuring tape should be your best friend. You need to correctly measure the height of the curtain. It should just about touch the floor for a luxurious feel. Too short or too long will not give the same effect. Also measure the room layout to correctly fit in your luxury furniture so that it doesn’t look too crammed or too small for the space. The rug in a bedroom should start after the nightstands and extend on all three sides at least 2 ft for it to look good and feel comfortable. This way, when you step out of the bed, your feet are on the rug.

3. Decorate the Walls

When you walk into a space, what catches your eyes the most? It’s the walls and the beautiful way they are treated. They are the largest blank canvases available to you, so make the best use of it. It could be as simple as painting the walls in a colour that complements the overall scheme, or going for textured painting. Or you could try diverse cladding and paneling options. Natural stones, semi-precious stones, solid wood, leathers, veneers, fabrics, the list of materials that can be used is endless. Then you have a mind-blowing array of wallpapers that can be simply applied to the walls. Creating a gallery wall using artworks, photographs or a mix of wall art is the easiest, and adds lots of character to the space.

4. Careful Material Selection

Depending on what kind of look you need for the interiors, you can choose the materials. High quality materials like natural stones, solid wood, designer veneers and rich textiles effortlessly evoke a luxury atmosphere. Cane, raw wood, natural fabrics, locally available stones can be used for chic vintage and artisanal appeal. If you are looking for a luxury look without having to pay the high price, there are tiles that mimic natural stones and veneers that look exactly like leather, stones and solid wood. Brass and copper are ideal accent materials for opulent interiors, while gold finish can be substituted for a lower budget.

5. Personalise the Spaces

A home that doesn’t represent your personality becomes soulless. There are simple ways of adding character and personality to your space. Let the interiors reflect the person you are, your hobbies, love for sports, music or travel. Fill up your home with collectibles, artefacts, travel memorabilia, family heirlooms, photographs, and whatever that you hold closer to your heart. Display your artistic side through handcrafted elements, textiles, pottery, artworks, etc.

6. Maintain Continuity

One important factor that should be kept in mind while doing up your interiors is to maintain a thread of continuity throughout the spaces. While each space can have a theme of its own, there should be some elements that tie all spaces together to create a coherent vibe. For example, the same flooring or base colour palette can be used across the home with variations in feature walls or gallery walls, etc. The curtain fabric can also be the same.

7. Pay Attention to Lighting

Even the most attractive interiors look insipid if the lighting is not right. The lighting scheme should evenly illuminate the spaces, while also highlighting certain key features like the artworks, sculptures and décor objects, and offering enough brightness for tasks such as reading, working, etc. A mix of functional, accent, track and hidden lights should do the trick. Floor lamps and table lamps help light up darker corners, while also acting as accessories. By switching on and off certain lights, you should be able to create different moods for different occasions.

8. Let There be Some Drama

One thing that sets any interior apart is the use of theatrical features that evoke a sense of wonder, and immediately catch the eye. Think big about a few select items like lights, artworks, sculptures, potted plants. Scale up or go bright to elicit reactions of surprise and awe.

You could also go for a colour block effect using bold shades for walls or big pieces of furniture. Wallpaper that unleashes a bit of drama, an accent chair in a patterned fabric or a colourful rug…  the options are plenty.

9. Finishing Touches

Often just adding a few finishing touches to your existing interiors can make a whole lot of difference. Add trendy cushions, exclusive décor accessories, crystal objects, ornamental potted plants, coffee table books, etc, to your interiors and see the change they usher in. And don’t ignore the transformative power of fragrances. They are mood enhancers and have a calming effect on the mind. Scented candles, aroma diffusers, high quality room fresheners and even fresh flowers can be used to infuse the spaces with a delightful fragrance that makes your home feel like a million bucks.

10. Step Back and Take a Look

While curating an interior, balance is the key. Whether you are trying to achieve a minimal aesthetic or going all out with maximal effects, consider the scale and proportion of furniture pieces, lights, the size of prints and patterns, the juxtaposition of colours, and so on. Mix big objects with small ones, check if something is too much or too little. Step back and take a look, and add or remove a few items to make sure everything comes together perfectly, without overpowering the visual balance.

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