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Why do we constrain ourselves to primarily shaped dining tables designs?

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With interior designers digging hard to the roots of their imaginations, these days we have plenty of options to get an amazing dining experience. Then what is the reason that many of us still constrain ourselves to primarily shaped dining tables? Here, we are talking about circularly shaped dining tables, rectangular dining tables and square dining table designs that are listed as the most preferred styles.
We thought to put the above question on our survey list that we conduct on the timely basis. This, in turn, helps us to collect the genuine reviews of what people desire, what are their needs, and what people want from future designers. Besides our work and dedication, this is one of the leading reasons that kept us close to our clients and helped made us the best interior designer in Gurgaon

Check out some of the interesting answers which we shortlisted for you!


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It’s more about functionality than design!

MADS opinion: Fair enough! Dining tables are meant to have a meal together with family and friends, so it should not have a tricky design that makes anyone uncomfortable while having the course. This is one of the main reasons why restaurants and hotels incorporate primarily shaped dining table designs.

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Classic dining perfectly fits Modern Interior

MADS opinion: That’s right! Modern interiors include a lot of edgy things with cut-straight-to-the-end furniture designs, so getting experimental with dining tables can ruin the overall look. For a modern interior, the furniture is kept classic, and so goes with the dining table designs as well; it’s the high-end décor, furnishings, lighting and wall paints that do all the talking for a modern interior.

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Primarily shapes can be easily adjusted for extra space

MADS opinion: We really liked this one! The need of some extra space is really a requirement when you are throwing a mass get together at home, and it’s very often in Indian families with festivities going on the year now and then. So, whether you host regular parties or have a small space, a simple-foldable-primarily-shaped-dining table can be of great help to fetch some extra space as and when required.


 long term investment wisely

Long-term investors should be chosen wisely

MADS opinion: Very true! Dining tables are very substantial pieces of furniture, as they don’t come cheap at all. It is going to be with you for several years; so it is just like a long-term investment, hence should be chosen wisely. A dining table should be easy to clean, and only primary-shaped dining table designs come to this rescue as dining with too many intricate designs can be a hard row to hoe.

Simplicity has Elegance and is easy to Mix and Match

MADS opinion: We agree! The simplicity of the furniture gives a chance to play with the décor. Furniture like dining table cannot be changed very often, so it is good to look upon for primary shapes as these allow to experiment with chairs, furnishing, or décor. Anything goes easily with primary shapes plus it looks elegant as well.

To the conclusion, we can say that there is something really cool about classic shapes of dining tables which have kept them alive since the time dining tables were introduced. Isn’t it! Please share your views below in comment box and don’t forget to share this article with your loved ones.

You would love to explore more interesting articles on dining tables and interior designs with MADS Creations – best interior designer in Gurgaon. Let us know if can help you with a customized dining table. Keep reading and keep decorating, as your home is the best place to live in.

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