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Top Interior Designer in Gurgaon, Best interior Designer in Delhi NCR
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The Cheat Sheet for Chairs – MADS Creations

If it’s the right chair, it doesn’t take too long to get comfortable in it. – Robert De Niro. Debatable is the topics about chairs. But here we are not going to discuss politics but as luxury interior designer, the prime purpose is to advice you on how well to make that chair work for you. Lets not take you through the history but we sure will tip you on some hacks for you to crush on and crash on your favorite piece of furniture.

Chairs are a perfect way to illustrate mood, purpose and function of a space. If it’s straight back up with swirling feature, it is for a desk job, a compose velvety like is for the formal seating, a lousy deep seat one is for lounging and a version of it with a straight back rest paired with foot stool is for a relaxing and reading a book.

Easier said than identified, luxury interior designs have a high regard for the right kind of chair in the right kind of space. There are all shape, sizes of chairs the world can hold but yours will be unique and here’s how?

Firstly and foremost, set the space for your product. Assess with the help of luxury interior design guide if you want them in a pair or a standalone widow chair will be all the accent that you need. The chairs are called accent chairs because the way they accentuate or can highlight a space utility. A tall boy chair with some modern lines will make it look absolutely chic and high backrest chairs make it appear absolutely royal and classic. If the space allows, introduce this one in a bright color like tangerine or even teal or even a royal blue or maroon. The accessories can be matching the same color and will bring the relativity to the room. Do not jumble up many layers for this. As a standalone big piece, too many layers can steal the show. If you must insist, introduce a patterned rectangular cushion that can lay for the comfort of your back. Make sure the cushion is not competing with the chair size and cute, petite in size to hold the look.

Chairs are a must. No living room or bedroom is complete with a show of accent chairs. As it is so essential and practical to use. Some of guests look up for a solo seat and if your condo is slightly tight on the spacing, you can go for the modern version of a bergere chair. Some details with the upholstery stitching, heavier on the back is your ideal match. Generally have a pair of this one in classic undertones. Since the bench and the arms are so worked upon with beautiful stitching patterns in self, leave this one without a cushion. You do not want these details to hide behind another soft furnishing. Luxury interior design is very thoughtful about these minute details.

Winged Chairs also have a tantrum for space. For the wings to spread well, leave a lot of circulation space in front and corners to stand out as edgy as the name suggests. These chairs can hold up more than one cushions with the ample seat space and this one is a great choice to experiment with. Addressing the luxury interior designs and some great product of the decade, winged chairs has won many hearts. Other evolved versions like bar chair have a mandate for the platform or a counter in front to be of a practical use. These pretty things have a slight back to support considering the piece itself is very tall in height. Be it a breakfast counter or a bar table, bar chairs are a must have with elaborate arrangements of servings. Depending on the decor, these can blend in with nude shades or pop with color of your choice. And this one also comes in a pair at least. We hope you find your way to the right accent chair.

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