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Best Living Room Design, Courtesy Unity The Amaryllis

Best Living Room Design, courtesy Unity The Amaryllis

Designing ultra luxury living rooms is all about immersing ourselves in the beautiful world of exquisite materials and textures and mulling over how to innovatively use them to create spaces that our clients fall in love with. Currently tasked with designing several lavish duplex and triplex penthouses at Unity The Amaryllis in Karol Bagh, New Delhi, we are living our dream lives. Designing interiors is blissful, even if it is a highly complex process where we weave in many stories to come up with a cohesive narrative. We also need to take into account the dreams and aspirations of several people who are going to live in those spaces. It is a journey full of discoveries and adventures for us. And one that we enjoy to the hilt.

Modern penthouse design is an evolving art where style meets luxury, aesthetics and comfort in an individualistic manner. We believe in creating spaces that elevate the senses of the inhabitants and make them feel privileged and special in their own homes. The Unity The Amaryllis projects offer inspiring volumes and scales of spaces that call for the most magnificent and awe-striking design features, offering to the onlookers a sense of discovery and pleasant surprises as they step inside. We want the interiors to be evocative of our clients’ lifestyles and requirements, while also offering something unique and aspirational.

The luxury furniture that we create in-house at our state-of-the-art facility, from concept to design to manufacturing, allows us to realise our creative vision for the projects perfectly. As one of the top interior designers in Delhi, what gives MADS Creations the edge is this capability to create every piece of furniture, panelings, fabrications and also some accessories keeping the specifics of each project. We are able to cater to every whim and fancy of the clients in terms of selection of materials, colours and contours of furniture. Fulfilling the aspirations of each family member makes the home a true haven of comfort for them where they can relate to the aesthetics and styles that surround them.

Here are a few points that define the living room design at the Unity The Amaryllis:

1. Redefining Luxury

Redefining luxury

Each living room design sets a new standard for elevated aesthetics and luxury, thus redefining the very meanings of these terms. From the selection of the materials to treating each square foot space as a canvas to showcase creative design features, we celebrate the spaces with our imaginative ardor. Our vision is to enhance the magnificence of the volumes with features that flatter and complement their beauty. The free-flowing spaces at the Unity Amaryllis are partially separated with beautiful metal screens, offering a charming peek into the luxurious settings around. This evokes an expansive feeling where luxury never seems to end. The addition of arches into the interiors helps create a palatial appeal, while also presenting a nod to the current trend.

2. Opulent Materials

Opulent Materials

When it comes to ultra luxury spaces, material selection is a significant step in order to ensure that the highest quality standards and the most refined aesthetics are combined into the interiors. Nothing matches the pure beauty and preciousness of  natural materials like superior marbles, fine woods, glass, crystal, lush textiles and exclusive veneers. This living room pays tribute to a multi-material palette that effortlessly imparts opulence and an exclusive character to the space. Natural stones with luxurious grains decorate the floor and walls, and establish rich backdrops to the play of other fine materials like velvets, silks and wool.

3. Jewel Tones

Jewel tones

While keeping the overall palette neutral with a mix of light and dark shades, we introduce jewel tones through textiles. From the regal green to deep wine, and to the pretty peach, the colour tones shine and add character to the environment. Their velvety textures lend an inviting cosiness and richness to the room. The addition of gold finishes through furniture and lights further introduces a luxe nature into the atmosphere.

4. Mesmerising Lighting

Mesmerising Lighting

For creating the right mood of luxury and opulence, planning a good lighting system is a prerequisite. We wanted to create a warm and intimate space, so a multi-layered lighting system was designed. The arches, sculptures and artworks needed to be highlighted too in order to bring out their true beauty. The twin chandeliers become spectacular accent lights, while also filling the space with beautiful illumination. The recessed lighting in the ceiling and track lights add another dimension to complete the warm and welcoming space.

5. Layers of Details

A lot of innovation has gone into mounting layers of details on the walls, the ceiling and the floor to create a carefully thought out environment. The classical moldings on the walls add a regal touch, the ceiling details impart depth, and the rugs and carpets complement the luxurious veins of the rich marble flooring, bringing in cosiness. The arches that are very much in vogue currently in interiors across the world, hark back to palatial splendor. Curved furniture adds softness and elegance to the environment, while the graceful drape of the curtains brings a romantic touch. The curious sculptures add a hint of quirkiness to the overall grand environment.

6. Patterns and Textures Galore

We have useda judicious mix of patterns and textures to enliven the living space. From the natural beauty of the marble grains used on the floor and the walls to the patterns on the carpets and centre table, every feature introduces a burst of energy into the room. The refined textures of the textiles add a dose of sophistication and glamour that instantly elevate the atmosphere.

More than anything, designing a luxury living room also means an exacting eye for balancing the various elements at play in order to evoke a calming and harmonious environment. And that is at the core of all designing in order to create an atmosphere of relaxation and superior comfort. At MADS Creations, it is our main endeavour to achieve it across all our projects.

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