Top Interior Designer in Gurgaon, Best interior Designer in Delhi NCR

Top Interior Designer in Gurgaon, Best interior Designer in Delhi NCR
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All you need is – a house full of these

Once you have all fundamentals in place in your new abode – beautiful flooring, walls and ceilings perfectly finished as per the mood board or the colour palette chalked out, then you start off with space planning or zoning of the spaces according to your typical needs. This is the prelude to the interior decoration process. You start visualising furnishings and finishing touches, and hear about custom-made furniture, wall coverings, soft furnishings, chandeliers / accent lights and exquisite artworks and accessories that complete the picture. How do you make sense of these terms and carry on with the complex process of creating highly individualistic spaces? We spoke to an Interior Designer in Delhi to understand these terms better.


  1. Custom-made furniture : As you set out to select the furniture that is in sync with the theme selected for the entire home, you realise that the configurations you are looking for or the colour shades that you have in mind may not be available on the market. That is where comes into picture – custom-made furniture. It offers you the privilege to customize each and every piece of furniture in accordance with the sizes of the rooms, colour combinations you have decided on and details you long for. Most importantly, it offers the supreme comfort and luxury you seek in the furnishings you want to decorate your home with.Custom-furniture is luxury that takes care of every single detail and nuance, and offers you exactly what you aspire for. A lavish lounger in the configuration you need, an accent chair in the particular shade of blue, or a coffee table befitting your expansive living room – all that is possible with customisation. A few interior designers have aced the art of customised furniture and have created exhaustive catalogues which help you gauge the possibilities that are there. They sit you down and understand your typical needs and offer tailor-made solutions. MADS Creations custom designs and creates luxury furniture at their full-fledged facility in Gurgaon, lending each of their projects an exclusive appeal. Refined and conforming to international standards vis-à-vis the construction, ergonomics and finishes, their furniture pieces set new benchmarks for quality and beauty.

  1. Wall Enhancements: Well-detailed walls add an extra dimension to the design scheme and enhance the luxury quotient of a space. From a range of mouldings to an unimaginable number of wall claddings… there are innumerable ways in which you can decorate the walls. Interior designers are always on the lookout for the most exclusive wall coverings so that they can offer you multiple options to choose from.From exotic stones and stone inlays to bespoke wallpapers, wood to textured veneers, leathers to fabrics there are many options. Where patterns are concerned, florals and geometrics or even an eye-catching mix of the two are sought after to create an exciting spectacle as well as add layers of interest to the interiors. For private spaces like bedrooms, fabric claddings are more common.

  1. Soft furnishings: The curtains, carpets, rugs and upholstery materials that offer comfort and a tactile sensation constitute the soft furnishings. They help you bring all elements together in a design theme, as well as impart colour and character to your space by creating a mood within the space. Lighter shades and airy textiles like cottons, linens and organza introduce a calming and serene look, rich and textured fabrics like velvets and silks create an elegant and luxurious vibe. As we seek peace and harmony from the environment we live in, the current trend is towards soft and gentle shades that calm the nerves and create a calming atmosphere. Enchanting floral prints and graphical patterns are big right now.


  1. Lighting: A carefully planned lighting scheme allows you to create a desired mood in a space, enhancing the experience within the interiors. So, you need a layered lighting plan with general lighting for illumination, mood lighting and focus lights for certain areas or artworks and accessories. Chandeliers are the go-to lights to introduce awe-inspiring beauty and to hold the entire space together. There are a great many styles of lights available on the market that help you choose the one that is right for your space.

5. Artworks and Accessories: When you have a fully furnished home, it is time to add the finishing touches by way of artworks and accessories. While these are added at the final stage, it is important to plan for them well in advance, so that they truly complement the space. Artworks can be chosen in accordance with the colour scheme or mood of the space. Similarly, accessories should accentuate the beauty of the space or add sense of playfulness or quirk factor.

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