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Add the Wow factor to M3M Golf Estate home in Gurgaon!

M3M Golf Estate interior Ideas

So, you are in possession of your dream home at M3M Golf Estate! It is indeed a glorious and fabulous project to stay in! The rooms are large, airy, and has oodles of space!

When you glance at the meticulous details inside your prized home, you may feel there are some things that could have probably been done differently. If you are one of those who would like to maximize the positives and boost up the areas that are not so perfect, here are a few tips from the MAD Creations team! We have personally receded the project and humbly suggest how you can elevate your abode to a WOW haven!


Tune in to the earth’s magnetic power!

If you have a home in M3M Golf Estate either Tower 1 or Tower 9, you could be inviting some negative energy. It is also proven scientifically that one must not sleep with one’s head in the north, as earth’s magnetic field can adversely impact your mental and overall well-being. Some of the homes have an orientation that seems to have the bed in this position.

You need not worry! A little bit of creativity and imagination can do the rick! You can create a false island wall here and even think of putting the beds on the window side! Turn quirky and see the impact!

Ongoing projects in M3M Golf Estate, Gurgaon

The kitchen is sleek and smart with austere black and white! But, hey, doesn’t it seem too mundane to churn out those culinary relishes? Jazz it up and play with colours! You need not bring it all down! There are no tall shutters or hydraulics here. So, simply change the shutters to add form and function both! Or if you prefer the new open look, bring down the kitchen wall and blend it with the dining & living room. The theme of your living in M3M Golf Estate  can then be extended into the kitchen for a seamless feel. You can even add artwork and murals to do away from the cold and clinical feel.


Add greens for a balance of sleek steel and glass!

The typography outside is all jazzy and grand. However, do you feel it is all too artificial? Do you miss the feel of the natural or the blessings of the simplicity of nature? The foreboding man-made glam can be played down by adding soft splashes of green. There are so many natural plants formats and small landscape ideas that can even convert the mundane of open spaces into natural enclaves!

Coming to the balconies – well, here is something that is quite grand. The one next to the living room is actually like a mini-terrace! Wouldn’t it be just great to host a fabulous party here? Well, have you considered making this a party deck How about having a small barbecue corner to turn out those charcoal charred sumptuous wonders? You could add concealed and trellis-filtered lighting for some light play and shadow play for the right ambiance in the night. Make a small bar-like area that could be turned into a serving table in those pleasant winter afternoons for leisurely afternoon get-togethers! The fact that the view of the golf course is stunningly breath-taking can only be exploited to its full advantage in this case surely.

Column ahoy!

There is a big dampener for the claimants of Tower 1. The master bedroom is supposed to be the grandest, and it is surely. The views from the glass corner make you feel that you are on top of the world! But the huge pillar right next to the corner can create a mar in your grand view, can’t it? Well, the column is there to stay, it is the strength of engineering requirement. Why not make it the strength and show of your room? By creating artwork on it, it can be the statement price of your room! And if you want to go behind it and enjoy the view to the fullest, you could actually contemplate crafting a bay window around it! Let your column tell a story by making it a feature column!

Hide those hideous vents!

Centralised air conditioning is a lavish feature for sure! The luxury comes with an aesthetic price to pay for sure. The common air ducts and vents do look hideous. Well, these can be smartly camouflaged as well. The simple solution is to crate false ceilings near or around the vents. These allow for smart lighting effects. They have enough room for the air flow and also look trendy. The plain old false ceilings are obsolete. Instead, opt for asymmetric design patterns and themed ceiling effects. There is a plethora of ideas to choose from.[

Your very own salon!

Coming to the master bedroom in M3M Golf  Estate, the walk-in closet area is a grand luxury indeed! Why use it for mundane storage only? Use the space well, add a long dresser and feel pampered! A dressing table with a full-length mirror, a puffed-up stool or an armchair that can go inside the dresser can definitely be added to your own private salon-type area! Add soft rugs and spotlight effect for the best grooming experience every day!

Use a bit of imagination, a lot of exploration, and lots of enthusiasm to bring out the highlights of your home and reduce the few eclectic nuances. These subtle and bold touches would make your home in M3M Golf Estate stand out notches above the rest surely and carte a striking difference!

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