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7 Reasons for How an Interior Designer charging and differs from an Interior Designer charging Rs 5000

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Well! Our team recently came across this question when one of our client’s teenage girl wanted to know how a flourished interior designer charging Rs 500000 differs from an interior designer charging Rs 5000. It seemed to us that it’s not the price difference that bothered that developing mind; rather it was the hunt for talent, the smart tricks for interior designing that were unknown to her.  No doubt competition is rising, and many new start-ups are offering their services at jaw-dropping prices, posing a valid question mark in the minds of people that whether the services offered by these new firms are really up to what they say or it’s just the roar of clouds that never rain. Everyone wants to know the ostensible truth of these low price theories. So, here are those 7 reasons that pretty much cater to the questions put above.

Reason 1: Experience Matters

Experience doesn’t come cheap, and in the world of interior designing – it really doesn’t! Interior designer charges differ from region to region and those designers who have been working in this field for a long time have achieved that name and fame with their hardship, loyalty for the customers and commitment to their work. It is their working experience, which has helped them gain the ability to imagine, recreating and transforming anything and anyplace into a much better one that too while staying in the budget.

Reason 2: Quality v/s Quantity

In this world of competition, we can divide everything into two segments – One that refers quantity and one that refers quality. So, if you prefer quality over quantity, then an interior designer charging just Rs 5000 isn’t the cup of your tea because getting everything that comes in good quality cannot fit under the budget of just five thousand rupees or a few thousands more.

Reason 3: Systemised and Timely

When you want everything to be done systematically and timely when you are planning interiors for your dream home, office or any other place, then better to go for a well flourished designer, as the designer charging a few thousands won’t put his/her heart into it for obvious reasons.

Reason 4: Accountability

The interior designers who are doing their jobs in just a few thousand rupees or little more will not take the responsibility of anything they purchase for your home. In most cases, they take it in written that they won’t be held liable for any damages caused later on by the interior changes. Whereas, if you get it done from a renowned interior designer, they do all things whole-heartedly and with accountability, because they don’t make homes, they make reputation for themselves with their work.

Reason 5: Repeated Themes

In most cases, where interior designers are short on budget, they won’t let you free your thoughts on your requirements and will show you the repeated themes that might not to wonders with your place. This can be a design disaster too!

Reason 6: Hidden Costs

Beware! If you recently came across an advertisement that says that interior designing in just Rs 5000 or so on, then it could be a spam. Many designers do not reveal the hidden costs of designing which they would levy upon you at the time of revealing, or they will stop the work in between that might become a headache for you, unless you pay for them.


This is pretty much clear! We all need a good home to build memories, a better office to work, and the best corner to relax, so why not treat those places ideally by hiring the best interior designer. Because, it’s not about money and budget always, it’s about how to make ourselves comfortable.

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