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5 things that must be done if Diwali falls on a Sunday

Diwali decoration 2017 by Mads creations

Diwali is the time to spruce up one’s homes in the brightest of hues and give it a complete makeover! The festival of lights is perhaps one of the few festivals that has evolved and adapted to changing times and never lost its sheen. Rather, it has become more sublime in modern times, where the focus is gradually shifting back to the basics of celebrating it with chastity rather than bursting polluting crackers only!

The decoration is integral to the ethos of the spirit of this festival of lights. Diwali on a Sunday is no reason to fret for India’s residents, thinking that a holiday has been missed! It can mean a lot to those who have businesses that close traditionally on Sundays. You get to spend more time with your family! And for those who stay in foreign lands, there can be no other gift than getting your own precious festival on a holiday like Sunday!

MADS creative teams have selected a few evergreen and a few novel ideas to help you craft a Diwali decoration with a difference this year.

Enchanting diyas

No Diwali is complete without the mandatory diyas, traditional and timeless with their essence and beauty! An elaborate diya decoration is an absolute must for your home palette! Experiment with the traditional themes and artistic earthen lamps, brass or metal ones or the electric variations.

Make it dreamy with the gift of the sea

Seashells can make up a unique theme for getting those candles to complement the diyas. These are surely offbeat Diwali lights decoration ideas that would catch the eyes of your guests!  Hollow shells lit up with electric lights or with aromatic candles will transform the room to surreal and mystic styles!

Crystalline dazzle

Use the reflections of crystals to enhance the appeal of the lights. If you have crystal idols of the heavenly deities, bring them on for a dose of divinity. Even quirky crystal-ware can be used with a little imagination to illuminate and create a scintillating effect!

Lights, bold and subtle

A galore of light strings can be strewn in just about any part of your house. Traditional strings adorn your home fronts. But have you ever considered how small ferry lights or doily strings can be used in interiors or soft corners with careless coils to add casual but mesmerizing effects!

It can’t ever be complete without Rangoli

Of late, Rangoli has made a compulsory comeback across as a must-have in each home! Along with the riot of colors, add dry flowers as well as fresh for a Rangoli that can last few hours or days, way into Monday as well! Elaborate with surprises for kids with decorations that have chocolates or small gifts wrapped in bright papers like a treasured treat to be consumed!


So, go on, deck up your homes with the spirit of the season!

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