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Nature Inspired Unique Furniture Designs

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Nature always has got something to inspire us and being an interior designer, we have always been getting some great inspirations from nature to design custom furniture. The colours of nature have their own beauty and when we incorporate them in our houses, they look aesthetically pleasing. So let’s check out some nature-inspired unique furniture designs that will definitely enhance the beauty of your home and will give that most-desired, different look.

This trend is really in these days. Whether the interior has been designed in contemporary style or have got the vintage flair, a tree bookshelf fits every décor. A tree bookshelf not only provides a great storage and display of all your books, but also adds definition to any boring wall. It can be a great addition to kids’ room, study, and living area.

Log Coffee Tables



If you are a nature admirer and want something unique for your coffee table, then you would love putting a finely cut log table finished beautifully in your favourite brown shade and designed with glass top. Since every log cannot have a similar shape and design, these type of custom furniture are unique in themselves and look amazing in nature-themed living areas.

Interior designers at MADS Creations are perfect for creating such beautiful home decors using natural branches that will amaze you at once. Such home decors are not just eco-friendly, but budget-friendly too. From wall accents to mirrors, lamp shades to office décor, there are plenty of ideas that can bring mother-nature to your home.

There were ages when only brown ruled colour ruled dining table designs. But today, interior designers have gone so creative in designing custom furniture that colour is not a boundary at all. Go bold, and choose funky colours like green, blue and orange to add that WOW Factor to your dining area.
The best natural colours to involve your home are yellow, greens, blues and browns. By taking inspiration from Nature, interior designers can create wonders for your home. Visit MADS Creations Vilasita to get a sneak peak on what unique our designers have got in their minds.

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