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Living room design | The highlights of your living can be

living room design

Living room is oft the most important part of your home that is the place where you entertain your guest, and even spend precious moments with family. This is the meeting point for relaxation and interactions. This room creates the impression that you would want your visitors to carry about your home and your taste. It is an area that is much stressed upon by interior designers as it is the one zone that can be the style statement for your home.

Living room design should be a key focal point for your home décor. MADS Creations team suggests a few things to keep in mind while designing the living area of your dream home:

  • Choose how you would want the entire effect to be – warm and cozy or grand. Workaround the central them and create an aesthetically pleasing space.
  • If you have the luxury of two drawing room areas, then your living room can be separate from your lounge area. Else, you may need to use the room for both the purposes. The design and décor need to accommodate the actual usage.
  • It should not be too cramped. At the same time, too big living rooms may look empty when sparsely furnished. The right blend of living room furniture will set the optimal tone.
  • Decorate in a way to use light, space, colours, and effects that blend. Of course, this does not mean that your living room design needs to be subtle or soft only. You can go quirky and bold!
  • You can experiment with long flowing drapes to create cascading stories in the mind. Small areas can be enhanced with the right placement of mirrors.
  • Draw the eyes to a statement wall effect. Keep one or two walls different from the rest to garner attention. Working on the wall, you can plan with murals, wallpapers, paint effects, lighting, wall art, and a lot more. Add spotlights or ceiling lights to illuminate the room in various illusions of playful lighting.
  • Selecting the right living room furniture is also crucial. Do you want the pieces to dominate the space or blend in with the ambience? This selection could change the look altogether.
  • If you have large windows or doors that connect to an open space like a balcony or a terrace from the living room, decorating that space could add a bit of outdoors effect as you open the curtains and soak in the natural look.
  • Pay attention to floors, rugs, upholstery, decorative pillows, cushions, draperies, indoor plants, etc. that can add the last look. Finally, add knickknacks like bookcases, picture frames, shelves, accessories, floor or table lamps, and some artifacts. The best part is that by changing these, you can alter the final look to a great deal without having to redo the entire design!

True, there are no ready formulae when it comes to living room design. What works best for you is unique to your space and to your tastes.

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