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Kitchen Colour

Choosing a colour for the kitchen depends on a lot of things – the colour of countertop, the shade used for cabinetry, lighting, flooring and kitchen theme. For a kitchen, designers recommend using colours that correspond to nature, so that they can relate to food, fruits and vegetables. So, the list of modern kitchen colour ideas may surprise you!



Yes! Green is now the kitchen colour but with darker shades like mossy green, mint green, apple green and neutral greens, which pair nicely with white accents. Go for emerald green or breakfast room green in for a striking appearance.


Blue works well in the kitchen. Light blue shades create a cool, crisp and clean look, be it on walls, wood, or ceiling and go well with dark or light combinations of the same family. Whereas, dark blue and navy blue shades look stunning with whites and lighter tone of greys.

Greys Modern-Kitchen-with-grey-Marble-Flooring-Ideas

Widely used in flooring and cabinetry, neutral greys make a perfect kitchen colour. Be it a warm neutral shade like feather brown and pastel yellow; or be it cool neutral shade like charcoal grey, steel greys or greys with blue and green tints – any grey can work wonder in the kitchen when picked and combined with right shade and lighting.


For those who start their day with entering the kitchen, choosing white as kitchen colour would be the best option. Whites have the tendency to energise any room, and getting the kitchen in white will really wake you up the moment you step in it. White also gives you a chance to play with any colour while selecting your kitchen essentials.



Say hello to yellow if you want to brighten your kitchen just like sunshine. Yellow has a soothing quality and provides calmness to eyes, so it’s good to use as a kitchen colour. It works well with white cabinets and white flooring. Just avoid dull yellow or too much bright yellow shade for a kitchen.

THREE Simple Tips That Will Help IN Choosing Right  Kitchen  Colour

Tip 1: To avoid confusion on what shade to move on while choosing the kitchen colour, just focus on the colour tint which has been used in cabinetry and countertop. The colour should be from the same family for the walls but shade must be opposite. For example, if your cabinetry and countertop feature light grey, then you can choose a colour from blue palettes but with opposite shade, that means a darker shade of blue palette.

Tip 2: If your cabinetry is planned in white, then you can choose any colour palette – yellow, blue, grey or green for your kitchen wall depending upon the source of light in your kitchen. Also, the colour you choose must contrast with the kitchen flooring.

Tip 3: After you have chosen the colour palette, consider the lighting in your kitchen before selecting the shade. The shade would be soothing light or daring dark – this will depend on the lighting. For a darker shade, the kitchen should have an abundance of lighting, be it from windows or lighting fixtures because you won’t like to experience your kitchen as a darkroom during night time. On another hand, if you have less brightening source in a kitchen, then it is always a good option to choose white for walls and pastel shade for cabinetry, or you can go all white for more brightness in your kitchen.

In this way, you would be able to create a balance between the colours used in your kitchen. If you still need help, MADS Creations top interior designers in Gurgaon is there for you. Call us at +91 7835097019, 7835097020 meet us or drop a mail at, we are always there to get the best kitchen interior solutions for you.

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