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What factors distinguish a Formal Living room from an Informal Living Room?


We are often asked about the difference between a Formal living room and an Informal living room. And our answer is it depends on many factors that categorise whether you should opt a formal living room or informal or should include both. And, if you are being observed as a guest, this article will also be helpful in judging whether you are entering an informal living area or a formal one by just observing some things, just to make oneself comfortable accordingly. So, read on to know some of the secrets of interior designing.

The Purpose

A concept on interior designing says that decorating a place goes easy when we are known for the purpose of how it is going to be served. This really makes a sense.

The main purpose of a formal living room Design is to make guests, relatives and family comfortable for a gathering, so everything for a formal living room is wisely chosen, be it furniture, decor, flooring or electronics. The sole purpose of every little thing is to impose a lasting positive impression whosoever visits the home.

An informal living area is meant to entertain the family members, so it may include anything that pleases every member. It may have swings, bean bags, musical instruments, bright colours, funky decorative accents, books, colourful cushions – choices are endless. It is just like a comfort zone and a multipurpose space for the family where the gathering is cherished and is not at all formal. Hence, the purpose plays a vital role in defining the living area.

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The Location

Where a formal living room is normally located near the entrance of the home, a family room or a casual living area is located near the kitchen and in some cases, it is located inside the kitchen as well. A family room may have a dining area or vice versa. Ethically, it is the family room which may have a door to the backyard, but if the house has an open space to a backyard and it’s beautiful enough to look upon, then a formal living room can also be planned for space. It all depends upon the space. After all, greenery is always soothing to everyone’s eyes!

The Theme and Concept

This can be a decisive note. Though designers are becoming experimental these days, but decency has not been detained from the setup of formal living rooms. The formal living room is still designed as lavish and as beautiful as they can. The designing themes and concepts that are widely chosen for formal living rooms include All White, Neutral, Open space, Traditional, Nautical, Royal and Ethnic, whereas, the casual family rooms are made sassy with the colourful Caribbean theme, Nature-inspired themes, and more. You may take help of passionate interior designers in Gurgaon –Mads Creations, to know what theme will suit your living area.

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Statement-Making Accents

Nobody would like their guests to feel boredom, so there is always an entertainment section in the living area. It may be assorted magazines, books, a TV, a fireplace, or some attractive paintings whose work calls onlooker for a closer look. Where a formal living area is adorned with family heirlooms, paintings and classy plants and flowers in adorable pots and vases, a family room is leisure with varied crafting techniques of homemaker and children that may include family photos or any handmade accent decor.

We hope these factors will definitely help out in distinguishing the formal and informal living rooms in the right manner. There are many other secrets to be revealed. Keep visiting our blog on interior designing to know how you can make your home the best place to live in.

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