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Beat the heat with some pastel colours in your home

summer interior design ideas

Summer is all about having and feeling light. And, the easiest way to beat the heat in summers is to use pastel colors, be it your wardrobe or your home. MADS Creations – the experienced interior designer in Delhi, has shortlisted some cool summer interior design ideas on how to implement pastel colors in your home for a relaxing and soothing summer appearance.

Soothing Pastel Wall Paints

Soothing Pastel Wall Paints

This is a must if you really want an enhanced summer interior design ideas for your home. Using soothing pastel-colored paints on walls graces up the entire summer look of the home, thereby bringing in the positivity to avoid summer’s harshness.

Spread the Magic of Huge Pastel Paintings

For those who have darker shades on walls, we suggest choosing large, simply done paintings with pastel colors. This will provide an illusion of having a pastel colored wall, plus it will cover the darkness of an area with its brightness.


Cotton Fabrics in Pastel Shades and Patterns

Cotton fabrics are definitely a must for summers, especially when you want a good night sleep. We advise using cotton handlooms in pastel shades to enhance summer interior design ideas as it suits the weather condition as well.

Flowy Pastel Curtains

Switching off your ACs will not bother you for a while when you will let the fresh air play with your curtains in summer. Try adding flowy pastel colored curtains to living room and bedrooms to enjoy some fresh air in summer mornings and evenings. You will definitely enjoy the moves of a flowy pastel curtain while having your tea during morning hours sitting nearby window or just enjoying the evening hustle bustle from it.

Feel Calmness of Pastel Flowers

Who would like to avoid this! Pastel flowers like white and pink roses, pink and peach tulips, white lilies, pale yellow flowers like daisies and pink fieldsbalsam, provide a soothing and pleasant ambience which provides some relaxation to eyes during hot summers.

Pastel Rugs

Yes! This will really help if you have dark colored flooring or wooden flooring. Pastel rugs will do the work of diminishing the darker ambiance of any area. Choose a rug that complements the color of your wall.

Lighting Tips

Now that sun is already scorching, making all of us almost blind when we enter our homes, it’s better to go with white lights instead of yellow ones for summer interior design. White lights are much soothing than the bright yellows and provide a calmness to the room as well during warm summer days.

We hope our suggestions will fit your summer interior design ideas needs. Being an interior designer in Delhi NCR, we have tried to cover each and every interior problem with a mind-pleasing solution, and summer interior is one of them. Write to us if you want to have more suggestions on interiors or visit to know more about us!

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